Dog (2) by Nick Curnow

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Dog (2) by Nick Curnow

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DOG by Nick Curnow 18th September 2015

It’s here!
I mean,
it might have been here some
other time but it looks like
it’s here now!
The wait is over!
The wait that felt like I was
Swimming in the most water ever
or looking through some thick pane of glass
that wouldn’t let me see through it
for some reason.

It’s here!
And so is Person!
Person calls me with that sound that only means me and no one else,
I come to Person, I lick Person’s face neck arms hands, I taste Person’s skin hair sweat smell.
Yes, it is indeed Person and not some other “person.”

Okay, I’ll stay here.
You’ve got a lot more to do than me, I know.
Can I –
Okay, I’ll stay here.
Alright, I’ll stay here.
Can I just –
Alright, I’ll stay here.

Is Person...? Is that what I think it...?
Alright, I’ll stay here.

What’s here? THAT’S here right now.
I’m eating it. It’s really...
Like yesterday, but it’s really...
Yeah, thanks. This is
This is great.
I’ve never (well aside from yesterday) tasted anything so good.
But that’s fine.
You’ve got a lot more to do than me.


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